Fantastic Females Pose For Pussycats

Debuting in the January 2017 issue of the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog, E-Comix's flagship title Pussycats returns to comic shops March 8 with a 2-issue mini-series titled Sex, Drugs, & The Impossible. Showcasing artwork by Ivica Sretenovic, and featuring fantastic photo covers from Randall Lloyd Photography, the series introduces a new villain, the first appearance of new characters that later appear in a Fall 2017 series, and bonus downloadable video content of "Cowgirl Cathy" variant cover model, Debra A. Johnson.

"The book has done really well for us, and it cracked the Top 50 Small Press Comics when we first rolled it out in 2015. But I heard some retailers say that they wished the covers were more mainstream as it would make racking the title a little easier,” said Publisher/Writer Vince Brusio. “As of this next series, that situation has been addressed. We’re offering "store safe" cover editions for both issues #1 and #2, and this will allow retailers to rack the books in their stores without incident. The funny thing is that this was one of the best things that could have happened to us, because it pushed us to hire Randall Lloyd as a photographer, and now we have photo covers for ALL of our future books featuring his models cosplaying as the book's characters.”

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Pussycats: Sex, Drugs, & The Impossible #1 received wide success on Kickstarter, nearly tripling its funding goal when the campaign ended on Christmas. Since then, a second Kickstarter has launched for issue #2 to help fund cosplayers which have signed on to model as the characters for future store signings.

"We're really blessed," Brusio continued. "We’ve got some wonderful enthusiastic ladies that have agreed to come with us to the stores to dress up as Mother Superior and Schoolgirl Suzie. How cool is that? Plus, it’s a great way for fans to take some pictures that they can share on Facebook or Twitter.”

An all-female action/thriller team book that mixes Sons of Anarchy with Charlie’s Angels, E-Comix’s Pussycats features gonzo girls going up against gangsters and world governments. The first five-issue series which featured femme fatales Cowgirl Cathy, Schoolgirl Suzie, Nurse Nancy, Powerhouse Pam, and Mother Superior has since been collected in trade paperback (MAR151334) with a painted cover by Ray Lago. A digital version of the TP will be available from Comixology in 2017.

Pussycats: Sex, Drugs, & The Impossible #1 (JAN171755) has a Final Order Cut-Off date of February 3rd. The book is in comic shops March 8.

Issue #2 of the series will be solicited in the February PREVIEWS catalog.

 Pussycats: Sex, Drugs, & The Impossible #1 Cowgirl Cathy Cover (JAN171756)
 Pussycats: Sex, Drugs, & The Impossible #2 Nurse Nancy Cover
 Pussycats: Sex, Drugs, & The Impossible #2 Powerhouse Pam Cover
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