Atypical Adventures From Solid Superheroes


In The Other History Of The DC Universe #1 (NOV180386), Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley scripts stories that don't feature typical knuckle-busting, but rather the courage of critical thinking skills. Ridly is best known for penning screenpalys for movies 12 Years a Slave and Let It Fall. If you're familiar with those films, then you'll have an idea of where the writer is going with this new series. Ridley believes he can deliver a gut-punching story not just because of fists, but because of the power of one's mind.

Ridley has his characterss champion the mythology of the DC Universe in a new and compelling mini-series that reframes iconic moments of DC history. Key moments in time are examined through previously unexplored sociopolitical threads. A  variety of DC Super Heroes are given a chance to weigh in on sensitive topics, and these same heroes are the ones who come from traditionally disenfranchised groups. Ridley theorizes not everyond is as popular or as famous as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman — but that shouldn't negate the opinions of others who have a lot of insight to offer well as wisdom.

Characters featured in this series include John Stewart, Extraño, Vixen, Supergirl, Katana, Rene Montoya, and others. Check out the interview below to hear more about the series from Ridley himself.

The Other History Of The DC Universe #1 (NOV180386) is available to pre-order from the November DC PREVIEWS catalog.


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