06. Staff Picks
Staff Pick (May 10): The Sixth Gun #1
Oni Press

Like a Hellboy story told in the old West, The Sixth Gun combines the elements of true history with myth and the supernatural to tell a dark, pulp adventure.

Six unique pistols harness unimaginable power, but the sixth pistol is the most powerful of them all. It has been kept in hiding from evil hands for years but, when forced out into the open, Drake Sinclair races to get his hands on it first. Though Sinclair is hardly the valiant hero, there are far worse forces at work trying to locate the pistol before Sinclair. Some people regard the sixth gun as simply a myth, but for those who know better, the one you possess the sixth pistol will be an unstoppable force against man.

With six-shooters, ghosts, Pinkertons, and the undead, Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt construct Oni Press’ newest periodical with fun and action in mind.

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