By The Grace of God Goes The Country

Insurance policies allow for "acts of God" to play into their legalese. But what does an act of God look like on the ground? If you pick up God Country #1 (NOV160544) from Image Comics, you'll get the visual they won't show on the late night evening news.

Written by Donny Cates, the story takes place in the Lone Star State. Texas is where we get our first glimpe of Emmet Quinlan, who appears to be just another old timer in the autumn years of his life. Emmet has a lot going against him. Not only is he a widower, but his senility is a burden on his children. To make matters worse, he has violent outbursts that put a strain on the local police department. So to say that he's the town's Crazy Uncle Ted is an understatement.

But the scenery changes after a tornado levels his home.

What should have left the cranky old man devastated seems to have had the reverse effect. He's carrying a sword that's almost as big as him, and now he seems to be of sound mind and body.

And there are creatures that we can't name which seem to be attracted to the sword.

Sound nuts? Exactly! Which is why upon reflection of this new book, writer Brian Michael Bendis has said its "so much fun to watch creators find that next level."

Look for God Country #1 (NOV160544) from Image Comics in comic shops January 11!

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