Oni Back To Print For Soulwind and Whiteout


Everyone loves a good collection, even more when it’s from comic book legends. Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent publisher, is excited to announce the re-release of the Whiteout Compendium by celebrated artist Steve Lieber and famed writer Greg Rucka, and Soulwind by Scott Morse, in a brand new hardbound edition.

Whiteout stars Carrie Stetko as a US Marshal tasked with enforcing the law in one of the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth—Antarctica. The Compendium collects Whiteout and Whiteout: Melt under one cover. To celebrate the release of the Whiteout Compendium, Oni Press, Bridge City Comics, and Handsome Pizza in Portland, OR., host a signing at Handsome Pizza (1603 NE Killingsworth St.) on Saturday, Dec. 9, from 3-5pm, featuring Steve Lieber’s “Whiteout” themed pizza. Copies of the Whiteout Compendium will be available for purchase at the event.

Soulwind collects Scott Morse’s epic graphic novel series in a single tome. Beginning with a boy transported across the universe to retrieve a legendary sword, and ending with an old woman unraveling the true account of creation, Soulwind is a tale of ancient myth, classic fairy tales, modern pulp, and futuristic adventure with incredible heart.

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