The Dawn Of Avengers #1

With the Celestials descending upon the Earth, the iconic core of the Avengers — Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, and Tony Stark — reunite and assemble a new team to save the Earth from the gravest threat they have ever faced as Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness team up for a new era for the Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Marvel Comics' Avengers #1 (MAR180776), coming your way this May!

Space gods that stand nearly half a mile tall each, the Celestials have traveled the universe since the dawn of time itself, influencing the evolution of life on countless worlds, returning again and again to monitor evolution's progress. Earth itself was not immune to the Celestials' intervention, and now the Final Host of the Celestials is en route to Earth to pass their final judgment on humanity. To combat the Celestials and avert the utter destruction of the Earth, the classic Avengers trio of Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, and Tony Stark reunite and assemble a brand-new Avengers team, one that includes Ghost Rider who, as seen in Marvel Legacy #1, has his own mysterious tie to the Celestials!

Jason Aaron, the acclaimed writer of The Mighty Thor and Marvel Legacy, reteams with his Amazing X-Men artist Ed McGuinness, himself acclaimed for his work on Hulk and Spider-Man/Deadpool, for this bold new chapter in the Avengers' storied history! Picking up on plot threads seeded in Marvel Legacy #1, including the epic battle between Odin's Avengers and the Celestials one million years in the past, Aaron and McGuinness's Avengers will feature bold stories and epic action on a cosmic scale as befits Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Coming your way this May, Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness' Avengers #1 (MAR180776) will be the Marvel book you can't afford to miss!

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