In Comic Shops 10/31/2012: Night Of The Living Dead — Aftermath #1

Publisher: Avatar Press

(W) David Hine
(A) German Erramouspe

This Halloween, David Hine defines a horrific era of fear with the new ongoing Night of the Living Dead!  Set in the excess of the late 1970s we follow the world as it has evolved with the zombie threat, a disaster they thought they had under control.  When the city is locked down with quarantine, a group of survivors finds out the hard way that even with the undead, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  And in this case it means a female punk rock zombie fetishist has to grow up in a hurry when her hedonistic boyfriend is bitten by a real ghoul.  No more fun and games - it's time for a horror tale that rips you out of the safe zone with a fast-paced violent survival story. Mature Readers.


Item Code: AUG120833                      In Shops: 10/31/2012                         Price: $3.99


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