In Comic Shops 11/14/2012: Buffy The Vampire Slayer — Season 9: Freefall #15

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

(W) Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenberg
(A) Karl Moline & Various
(Cover) Michelle Madsen, Phil Noto

Training has begun, bringing the newest Slayer and Watcher closer together. Will they be ready when they're needed most?

The rapidly growing zompire population has overcome a local institution, and our heroes in training must take on the fight of their lives!

Buffy show writers Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time) and Drew Z. Greenberg (Warehouse 13) reunite in this special two-part story about a young duo coming together to fight the forces of evil and discover their role in this strange, new 'verse.

Item Code: SEP120027                      In Shops: 11/14/2012                         Price: $2.99


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