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Kids Friendly
Weekly events including Warhammer/40k, Magic/Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments, Munchkin and more!
Kaleb being... Kaleb.
Kaleb being... Kaleb.
Free Comic Book day deliciousness!
Free Comic Book day deliciousness!
Learning to play HeroClix
Learning to play HeroClix
Yeah - we're everywhere
Yeah - we're everywhere
Four Horsemen at Halloween
Four Horsemen at Halloween
Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming provides the area with an unprecedented and unparalleled selection of comic and gaming related products and supplies. We regularly host gaming sessions, product demos, tutorials, and tournaments (all sanctioned by their respective developers). Between our calendar of events and extremely active community, you'd be hard-pressed to find a day without an event for you to join in on. To compliment our large public gaming area, we offer a wide range of refreshments, couches and free wi-fi. Mix that with frequent (and free) Mountainline buses provided from campus to our location, and suddenly Four Horsemen is the perfect spot to study during the school year (or, you know, distract yourself from it).
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